Power of Movement

About Us

Power of Movement was created from a very simple ideaLeslie920a

Power of Movement has developed the perfect blend of fitness programs to provide you the most choices to fit every fitness level.  Our ‘NO EXCUSES’ approach enables you to shed some weight or to get toned up in as little as 30 minutes.  We have a program that can fit your needs. Our certified personal trainers will customize your program and meet you at home, work or at one of our convenient locations.

About the Founder

Like you I have lived with pain, lack of time to exercise and a desire to feel better and live longer. I had gone through the typical cycle of working hard and advancing in my career as an IT Project Manager. But, I was sitting at a desk all day, dealing with budgets and schedules and feeling miserable both mentally and physically; I knew I needed so much more. I found that the days I moved by walking, stretching, exercising resulted in feeling great mentally and my aches went away. It was then that I set out on my journey to get certified as a personal trainer, Tabata Instructor and help people get relief from chronic injuries and fatigue that is a daily drain on everyone from the high school sports star to the AARP member. The Power of Movement was born.

What makes me happy every day is working directly and interacting with people. Personal training was the answer. Having worked with a lot of trainers, I have met good ones and bad but every one of them missed what I wanted the personal touch and commitment to create a custom fitness solution tailored to each person’s needs. That’s what makes the Power of Movement unique. We are committed to you and strive everyday to ensure you know that we are there for YOU. Our Holistic approach to Health and Fitness resolves the fears, excuses and confusion we all have.

I have incorporated my certifications in personal training and Tabata to provide you the best program to fit your limited schedule. As the only certified Tabata Bootcamp™ instructor in the Washington DC metro area, I can also work with you to design a program for your office, group of friends or neighborhood. Tabata Bootcamp™ will change the way you think about exercise. Tabata Bootcamp™ offers the newest and most unique approach to hit the fitness world with incredible results in the least amount of time!

I have a very unique approach about you and your health by not using the age-old cookie-cutter approach, which is not in your best interest. All trainers do an assessment but few customize a plan that works for YOU and meets YOUR needs of time, physical ability and, yes, ailments. Your plan for success is a commitment by me to you. It could be a plan on getting you started on an exercise regimen when you don’t have one or a plan to help come back from injuries or to prevent them. Another way that helps us ensure YOUR success is that we work with you at your home, your office or your resident gym to ensure you learn the Power of Movement.

Give me 5 minutes to discuss your goals and I will transform your life — one movement at a time.