Power of Movement


Aquarius (January 21 – February 19)


February 5, 2016



Personality Traits:  Not a follower, you maintain a sense of individuality while surrounded by a group.

Aquarius is a very social sign and being around other people energizes you.  Your mind is always in motion and you’re constantly looking for the next best thing and often the first to try something new.  Not a creature of routine, you need variety or you get bored.  In sum, you are a very forward-thinking person who asks questions and needs to shake things up at all times.

Fitness Program: Team fitness classes push people to work harder than they might otherwise have if they were working out alone.  The hottest trends and equipment will excite you, and even when others are hesitant to try them out, you are first to give it a go.  High intensity training (HIT) like Tabata is best for you because it keeps you moving and provides variety.  But whatever you choose to do, the important thing is that you vary it and try new things, to keep from getting bored and fall off the workout wagon.  Aquarians don’t like to feel restricted, so the more off-the-wall the exercise, the more likely it will appeal to you, i.e. skydiving and extreme sports.  Training for long distance running and triathlons is a good idea since you are out there on your own. Do your best to avoid routine—you will get bored.  Remember that for a social Aquarius like yourself, the most enjoyable workouts integrate teamwork, “especially if it involves friends and a cause for humanity.

Parting Words:  Keep things a varied–you’ll soon lose interest with the “same old, same old”!




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