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Are You Sabotaging Your Diet?


December 10, 2015


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Holidays aside, are you also sabotaging your “diet” (I mean more how you are managing clean eating) efforts with the following mistakes?

  1. Weekend Cheats. A weekend of gluttony can set you up for overeating and under exercising during the week, which can hinder weight loss efforts.  It’s really best to eat healthy all week long with maybe a small cheat throughout the week to keep from binging.  However, keep these “cheat” portions small so you don’t go over your calorie needs.
  2. Eating Like an Athlete. After a workout do you find yourself reaching for a sports drink or energy bar?  Many people believe that they need these post-Sports Drinksworkout to replenish but more often than not it’s just adding more calories to your daily count.  Unless you are doing high intensity exercise daily, for more than an hour, plain old water should suffice for the average gym-goer.  And, whole foods are always better than sports drinks or bars which should be used sparingly.
  3. Eating Organic. Just because it says “organic” doesn’t mean it’s healthy.  In fact, many foods with this label are high in calories, fat and sugar.  Regardless of the label given, it’s better to read the food label to see the ingredients for yourself.
  4. Car1238333_63708366bs, Fats, Sugar, Fructose (etc) are the Enemies. First it was all about low-fat.  Then it was low-carb.  Now, it’s low-fructose or gluten-free.  What’s next?  If you have lost a lot of weight by cutting out a food group, it will be difficult to sustain this over a long period of time, particularly if you tend to like that food.  Taking a healthy approach to limiting, not eliminating, sugary and fatty foods may work better.  Ask yourself: “Is it worth the calories?” “What’s the smallest amount of [insert food here] that I need to be happy?”
  5. Skimp on Meals All Day to Prep for a High Calorie Night. So, you’ve starved yourself all day and then show up to dinner. What do you do?  Start eating everything in sight?  Order the appetizer, finish the main course and then order dessert as well as attacking the breadbasket…right?  You are better off eating mindfully during the day so you don’t show up ravenous and you can thoughtfully navigate the menu or table.  Rather than wolfing down all food, you can choose which foods to eat.  Skipping 500 daytime calories could lead you to consume 1,500 additional calories you otherwise would have avoided.

If you find yourself resorting to one or more of these saboteurs, try making just one small change at a time and see if you can stay on track.



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