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Celebrate Winter – Stay Cool!


December 29, 2016


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It’s now officially winter and most people start counting the days until spring. However, you can take solace in the knowledge that being outside, in the cold, can help burn calories (or keeping rooms cool). Human studies have shown that exposure to cold temperatures may significantly increase calorie burning by stimulating brown fat activity in your body.

In addition to mainly white fat, your fat stores are also made up of small amounts of brown fat. These two types of body fat have very different effects. White fat promotes inflammation, insulin resistance, heart disease, diabetes and fat storage (bad fat). By contrast, brown fat increases calorie burning and may be helpful for losing weight and its main function is to generate body heat (good fat).

You are probably wondering if you need to stand outside, naked in subzero temperatures. Hell NO! Shivering can increase your metabolic rate as much as five fold but it’s so uncomfortable. Our bodies burn energy to keep us warm in a process called non-shivering thermogenesis (NST), which works even at pretty reasonable temperatures, defined as 64 degrees Fahrenheit (not too bad, right?).

A few ways to obtain the benefits of cold exposure include slightly lowering the temperature in your home, taking cold/cool showers (brrrrr) and walking outside in cold weather. Not only will you burn calories trying to stay warm but you’ll move faster burning even more!

Bottom Line: Stay cool this winter.




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