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It’s in the Stars: Leo (July 24 – Aug 23)

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Personality Traits:  Leos are known for being dominant and enjoying being the life of the party.  You love fun, joy, and playfulness.  You’re happiest in a social setting and love music.  A fire sign, Leo is known to be happy and warmhearted.

Fitness Program:  Any team sport where you can dominate the field – like soccer, football, baseball, etc. – is a great bet.   Being the social butterfly, don’t work out alone – join a health club or exercise class.  Being the music lover, workout to energetic music or go out dancing.  Leo governs sports and recreation, so sports and fitness come naturally to you. Regular exercise is good for your circulation, but avoid overdoing it, especially in your upper back.  Since your sign adores fun and games, hit the park for strenuous athletic fun, such as basketball, or organize a softball team. Sign up to compete on a regular basis–it won’t feel like a regimen this way.  Leo doesn’t like to be in a routine or do the same thing day after day.  Avoid burnout by committing to a varied program of cross-training to insure you’re always doing something you like.

Parting Words:  Keep your heart healthy and fit with good nutrition and frequent aerobic exercise.



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