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June Cardio Challenge


June 5, 2014


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Continue your routine from May – including the 45 minute steady-pace walk once per week (walk at a good pace and don’t stroll).  Experiment with doing longer intervals of fast walking while keeping your rest period the same or even shorten it.  For example, make your “work” interval (i.e. when you walk faster) 90 seconds but keep your rest interval at 30 seconds.  This will increase your endurance and your metabolism…a double treat!  If you belong to a pool, think about mixing things up and swimming some laps.  Don’t forget to continue with your strength training!  Pushups, squats and step-ups are easy to do at home.

Now that the weather has finally gotten nice, it’s time to put away the comfort food from winter.  Summer calls for lots of fresh vegetables and fruits and don’t forget the lean protein.  Throw the vegetables and meat or fish on the grill for low fat cooking with lots of flavor.

Stay tuned for a 4-minute core challenge to add to your routine.  Walk on!



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