Power of Movement


Libra (September 23 – October 22)


October 1, 2015



Keep Calm - It's Libra SeasonPersonality Traits:  Libra generally takes good care of his or her body, but might be forgetting about the influence of what you put into your mouth, particularly sweets.  Don’t deprive yourself of them but rather indulge your love of quality, sensuality and flavor all at once by treating yourself to one tiny, superb chocolate daily–and savor it. Otherwise you will find yourself with both your body size and craving for treats growing exponentially out of proportion! Sneak snacking is a classic Libra diet problem.

Libra also loves to party and is very social.  Don’t forget to get your rest and make time to take care of yourself.  Libra runs the risk of being too social at the gym, and forgetting why he or she came in the first place.  If you’re spending too much time gossiping, don’t counter with pushing yourself too hard or to the point of exhaustion or injury.  Keep yourself in balance and harmony.  Libras value friendship and partnership more than anything else.

Fitness Program:  Librans should focus on organized and gentle fitness options.  You can be prone to fatigue or tiredness, so try to stay motivated. Finding a gym buddy is a good idea, but don’t get so carried away with socializing that you forget the workout.  Barre is a great option since the focus is on isolating muscles and firing them up through small, isometric, low-impact movements.

The ultimate partnering sign, Libra does best when they team up with another person in any exercise program. Consider setting up running dates, going to partner yoga, volleyball or even ballroom dancing classes with your significant other.  Or, if you can afford it, look into getting a personal trainer for some one-on-one attention.

Parting Words:  Grace, balance and good coordination. Find activities that play into these traits such as golf, gymnastics or dancing.





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