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More Crazy Diet Fads


December 17, 2015


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A while back I wrote about some of the crazy diets that people have used, through the ages, to lose weight.  Well, seems I left a few out.  Since the holidays, or after the holidays, are when we start thinking about losing weight, I thought I would regale with you what NOT to do.

19th Century:  Arsenic Pills – claim to speed up metabolism but the side effects include blindness, liver failure and – drumroll, please – death

Early 20th Century: Tapeworm Pills – promised big weight loss. Maria Callas, the opera singer, was rumored to have ingested live tapeworms…ewwwwwwww.


1930s: Wellness Guru, Silvia of Hollywood, claimed to squeeze the fat out of bodies.

1930-1950s: Vibrators are pushed as weight-loss aids.  Use is also recommended to the face for a “plump, clear, brilliant complexion.”  [This one has potential!]

2006:  The Master Cleanse diet has you drinking a glass of hot water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper.  Beyonce says this drink helped her lose 20 pounds.

Hmm, might be easier or less gross to just eat mindfully and stay active.  Happy Holidays!



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