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Strategies to Not Feeling Like a Stuffed Turkey This Holiday Season

Strategies to Not Feeling Like a Stuffed Turkey This Holiday Season


Two down, two to go. You made it through Halloween with all that candy and then Thanksgiving. There’s still Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa and New Year’s with all their accompanying temptations. So maybe your resolve wasn’t so strong in the face of the bountiful Thanksgiving table but that’s no reason to just give it up for the rest of the year. There are ways to bounce back and having an action plan will help.

First of all, don’t berate or punish yourself as self-punishing behavior can lead to more overeating or binging. Hey, it happened, now move on and think about what you can do and control, and the best place to start is by moving your body; it’s only a blip. That post-holiday meal can make you feel bloated and in a food coma. Instead of lying down, go for a walk which helps speed up digestion and can help to stabilize your blood sugar. Schedule a more kick-ass workout the next day or two to rev up that metabolism (I signed up for a spin class!).

At the next party or event, have a piece of pie but fill half your plate with vegetables.

Back off the alcohol and coffee after consuming lots of calories as they don’t help with digestion. Instead, drink water, seltzer or tea. Water helps the body’s elimination system; seltzer can relieve indigestion; and herbal teas can also help with that bloated feeling.

Start planning your next healthy meal with food that makes you feel good and gives you energy.

Call a friend if you’re feeling lonely and you’re eating to fill a void.

Finally, remember that life happens, we all indulge from time to time and these moments do not define you.





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