Power of Movement


-Katie M., Arlington, VA

I have been working with Leslie for a little bit over a month now.  I’ve seen some big changes in my physique!  We switch up our training routines to get the maximum results.  I can always be honest with her about how I’m doing with my diet and exercise away from our sessions and not worry about any judgement.

Not only that, I took one week off last week, and this week when we got together, my body crumbled!  She’s one tough cookie.  You want to get into shape, give Leslie a call! [Katie M., Arlington, VA]












-Lindsay M., Alexandria, VA

I started working with Leslie to loose weight and get toned for my upcoming wedding.  I could not have picked a better personal trainer!!!  Leslie was very realistic with the entire approach.  She definitely gave me the workout I wanted during our sessions together, keeping it fun, yet challenging, and showing me a variety of different exercises that I could easily perform on my own.  Leslie was also there to push me when necessary, but not too extreme; she was always motivational.

Overall, I really felt like Leslie listened to me, what I wanted to achieve from our sessions, and she mapped out a routine to get me there.  Also, prior to working with Leslie, I had recent back issues.  During each session, Leslie was always mindful about how my back would be impacted.

Thanks to Leslie, I felt fit and beautiful on my wedding day!  I would recommend Leslie to anyone!  She is definitely someone that will help you get the results you want!


 -Marty G., Arlington, VA

I so enjoyed my Tabata sessions with Leslie! The short and intense workout is just what I’ve been looking for. Time is precious to all of us and I’m no exception.  I always have time for my 6-minute morning workout– and it really starts my day off right.  The two weekly 30-minute workouts are spaced  just right to give me an extra exercise boost.  Leslie is energetic and motivating–the perfect combination!


– Kathy Luke, Madison Community Center

My experience with Leslie as a trainer has been nothing but positive. I have been impressed by her knowledge as well as by her obvious efforts to continue to educate herself with respect to new or different ways to approach various training areas. She works to be sure that my workouts focus on my personal needs, capabilities and interests while continuing to challenge me and to ensure that I vary my routine appropriately. In addition, her enthusiasm and friendliness are a welcome addition to the gym. I would not hesitate to recommend Leslie to anyone looking to begin or improve their training program.


–  Veda Engel, Arlington, VA 

I have had the good fortune of working with Leslie LaPlace at Madison Center in Arlington twice a week for several months now.  She is there as the Trainer during Senior Hours from early morning until 11 a.m.

Leslie is a wonderful, encouraging presence to the “gym rats” who regularly attend when I do.  She greets everyone by name and a smile and works with each person if she sees she can be of help.  For newcomers, she is patient and thoughtful, to those of us who have been coming for a long time, she is helpful and gently suggests exercises that will make our time at the gym more productive.

People enjoy coming to the gym while Leslie is there and look forward to her assistance and advice when it’s offered.  She is not an intrusive presence, just there focused on us and very helpful as well as a friendly presence with a gentle sense of humor.

I’m so glad she is there when I am and I have learned a lot about my fitness needs from her.

Thank you, Leslie!


-David R., Centreville, VA

I hired Leslie to do a Tabata Bootcamp for my company, and it couldn’t have gone any better. She was professional and really got the group excited about the workout. I would recommend Power of Movement to any company!


– Annette Billings, Power of Movement client

“Leslie knows her stuff and she’s very patient. She does the exercises with you so you understand everything. She’s been helpful in investigating and finding exercises to help me with specific issues. With Leslie, I have been able to greatly improve my balance and stability.”


– Keith Switzer, Power of Movement client

“Leslie does not miss a beat. The workouts we do are very creative and unique; much different from a typical gym experience. What I like about Leslie is that she keeps me accountable and forces me to push myself to the next level.”


-Debbie, Power of Movement client

“Leslie is wonderful and has been working with our 14 year old daughter with wonderful results. Our daughter was having issues with her knees and Leslie has been working two days a week with her.”


-Cornelia Lesh – Manager, Community Health Promotion Dept.

I really cannot thank you enough for teaching this session!! You have been outstanding! I’ll send any/all classes your way and hope that we can work with you a lot in the future. It’s awesome that you can teach a variety of levels & classes.


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