Power of Movement


Training for Round 3


December 11, 2014



Round 1: HalloweenBoxing gloves

Round 2: Thanksgiving

Round 3: Twelve Days of Christmas

If you kicked off the holiday season with Halloween and then hit it big on Thanksgiving, here are a few simple steps that will get you back on track and ready for Round 3.

1. Only drink water (no sugary drinks): Not really a need for explanation here. Limit these drinks as well as alcohol on those days with no dinners and/or parties. When you are at a celebration, try to alternate an alcoholic drink with something non-alcoholic.

2. Eat proteins, natural fats (avocados, nuts) and veggies: This will help re-balance your metabolism and fill you up early. Really limit your carb intake in preparation for those holiday desserts.

3. Do something active today (a workout, walk, etc.): Remember, even 10 minutes of exercise spread throughout the day can help keep your metabolism going and give you energy.

Don’t let the holidays knock you down. You can TKO holiday weight gain with these 3 simple strategies!



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