Power of Movement



Tabata™ is fast becoming the most popular form of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and conditioning in the world amongst both professional athletes and amateurs.  The time you spend in line for your morning coffee can give you the body you want to have. TABATA provides Anaerobic and Aerobic Capacity Increase.  Best of all its for ALL fitness levels because it is based on your maximum intensity and ability.

Our Triple T program, or Total Training with Tabata has 6 week and 8 week sessions with 30 minute classes, on Tuesday and Thursday Nights starting every month.  Sign up no for a no obligation introduction and assessment.

Time Savings

The short duration of a Tabata workout increases an individual’s willingness and faithfulness to work out regularly. It would be difficult to deny 4 to 8 minutes a day to your physical fitness. In addition, safety requires close attention to your body’s feedback when you exercise intensely. This enhances interest in the changes that the exercise routine is making in your body, and increased interest removes the drudgery of an exercise routine.

How TABATA Works

The body’s aerobic capacity, also called its maximum oxygen uptake, is the greatest amount of oxygen it consumes when strenuously exercising. Anaerobic capacity is the maximum amount of energy that can be produced by the body in the absence of oxygen. This anaerobic energy is produced by burning carbohydrates when there is insufficient oxygen in the bloodstream to produce the required energy aerobically.

A study by Dr. Tabata showed that using his method five days a week for six weeks produced a 14 percent increase in the participants’ aerobic capacity and a 28 percent increase in their anaerobic capacity. This provides a decided increase in stamina.