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Virgo (August 24 – September 23)


September 10, 2015


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Virgo traitsPersonality Traits:  You’re prone to worry and fret, often anxious, detail-oriented and you’re also extremely sensitive to stress.  You like to know why things happen to your body, and as part of your “maximum efficiency” nature, you are super focused on eating healthy for your body and soul.  Known to be the efficient, methodical purist of the sun signs, it’s not unusual for you to find yourself tidying up or trying to fix what’s wrong.  A Virgo likes to keep busy and productive but you must learn to delegate chores and responsibilities.  Allow for the fact that people will always do things on their own schedule (not yours) and perfect anything isn’t always possible.  Since Virgo rules the autumn harvest, you tend to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and many are vegetarian. Virgo is the world’s greatest planner and well organized about anything and everything in life. You tend to see things as black-or-white. Don’t dump your diet for one transgression! Since you like things orderly, keep a food diary, or draw up a chart of your progress at the gym.

Fitness Program:  Stress-reducing exercises, meditation and exercises that emphasize total-body relaxation work best for helping to calm you down and taking your mind away from fixing the details.  Pilates and yoga, specifically yoga that focuses on breath work (like Hatha yoga) is a good choice because it calms you down and helps you feel centered and focused.  Also good for de-stressing are biking and walking.  On the flip side, the efficient side of you is drawn to fast workouts, like 45-minute classes, or full-body circuit training programs.  Try core workouts such as TRX classes, which turn up the toning power by working on an unstable surface.  You respond well to full body participation as well as sports that require endurance, like hiking, cross-country skiing, long-distance running, and, for the iron-man and iron-woman Virgo: triathalons!

Parting Words:   Everything doesn’t have to be a project. Remember Virgo: tomorrow is another day. Stop driving yourself crazy by worrying about what might happen. Go for it!





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