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What’s YOUR Number Workout


November 5, 2015


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Want a fun, quick workout to do?  Using your telephone number (cell, home, work), do the exercises that correspond to your phone numbers.  If you have a number that repeats itself a few times (I have three “1s”), feel free to substitute a different exercise in its place.  Since these do not require equipment, this is a great workout to take with you when you travel.  Modify as needed.

0 – 50 Jumping Jacks

1 – 20 Push Ups

2 – 30 BW Lunges (each leg)

3 – 25 Plie Squats (legs wide and feet turned out)

4 – 1 minute Wall Sit

5 – 25 Plank Jacks (legs move like a jumping jack but in a plank position)

6 – 20 Side Plank Raises (each side)

7 – 30 Chair Bridges (feet up on a chair and lying on your back)

8 – 25 Burpees

9 – 25 Close Grip Push Ups



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